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Standard Microdesk


Standard Microdesk

The MicroDesk is a unique solution allowing comfortable keyboarding and document reference in line with your keyboard and monitor. The MicroDesk has been specifically designed for keyboard users that need to refer to paperwork or documentation that has traditionally been placed to either side of the monitor or keyboard.

Technical Information

Allows access at all times to the keyboard as you work on papers in a neutral posture Strong construction of clear acrylic
Height and slope adjustment for individual comfort
Width accommodates full range of keyboards
Utilises your desk space with an elevated, adjustable working surface
Strong construction allows you to rest your writing arm on the surface safely while maximising your desk space
Suitable for both left and right handed users
Easily lifted and stored when not in use
Non slip line guide with all models


Surface 560 mm wide x 310 mm deep (22″W x 12″D)
Front height adjusts from 75mm – 95mm ( 3” – 3/4″)
Rear height adjusts from 150mm – 190mm ( 6” – 7 1/2″)
Weight – 2.02 Kg (4 lbs 7 oz) in carton


2-3 Days


1 Year

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