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Flo - Dual Monitor Arm - Monitor and Laptop


Flo - Dual Monitor Arm - Monitor and Laptop

The Flo technology support system offers a range of solutions designed to meet the technology challenges in the commercial office environment. Be it single or dual screen, large screen formats or newer technologies such as tablets or thin clients, the Flo family of monitor arms provide an unrivalled ergonomic solution. Flo’s unique design offers a range and ease of movement that sets it apart from all other monitor/tablet supports. Achieved by the use of geometric Flo Spring Technology, its design is protected by four international patents. It is this commitment to innovation that is the cornerstone of Flo’s performance. Flo monitor stands leave a minimal carbon footprint on the environment by using a limited number of parts due to their unrivalled design purity. Use two Flo monitor arms with a single desk clamp to support a screen alongside a tablet or laptop, or dual screens if you prefer. The Flo Dual monitor stand is designed to cater for the increasing number of technology configurations in the workplace. Two Flo monitor arms are attached to the desk by a single clamp, meaning that a single screen can be combined with a laptop or tablet, or dual screens can be implemented. Flo Dual is the most flexible ‘dual’ option on the market.

Technical Information

Dual desk top clamp suitable for desks up to 71 mm thick
2x Flo Dynamic arms
1x Laptop Mount.
Monitors/Laptop not included
Supports monitors up to 8.5KG


Arm Reach: 510 mm


5 days


5 Years 

2xDYN/013/010 + DYN/013/C38 + LAP/001

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