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E-Quill-AirO2bic Mouse Left Handed


E-Quill-AirO2bic Mouse Left Handed

The E-Quill-AirO2bic™ as the first and only Grip-Less™ mouse, makes it possible to move the cursor without having to use the small and easily over-worked muscles required for ‘holding’ the mouse. The E-Quill-AirO2bic™ is also the only mouse product that controls the extent of bending the wrist. By bringing the lower arm and wrist in the shake-hands position, not only the twisting in the lower arm (pronation) will be prevented, but the lifting of the wrist (dorsal flexion) as well (necessary to hold a regular mouse).

Technical Information

Reduce the stress on small over-worked muscles
Puts the hand in the correct position


2-3 Days


1 Year

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