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Daisyone - Dual Monitor Arm


Daisyone - Dual Monitor Arm

Daisyone is a compact monitor arm support solution that allows dual monitor screens to be mounted at the same height on a single post, without the need for an additional back-to-back bracket. This geometry also enables Daisyone to fold to a compact size, which means less packaging and more cost-effective logistics. A multi-monitor stand solution, Daisyone allows up to four monitor arms to be mounted on a single post over two tiers. Daisyone allows for the monitor to be positioned in either landscape or portrait positions and includes a quick release monitor mount security feature as standard. 2 monitor configuration of the CBS Daisyone Monitor Arm range.

Technical Information

1x 500mm post
2x Daisyone Arms with Quick Release
1x Universal desk clamp
Monitors not included!
Supports monitors up to 8.5KG


Post Height: 500 mm 
Arm Reach: 505 mm


5 days


5 Years

2xCOM/001 + WSH/PST500 + UNI/LCLM38

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