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Cubert Personal Desk Lighting


Cubert Personal Desk Lighting

Cubert uniquely combines the ability to power and charge portable devices with a touch dimmable LED desk light. This arrangement of light, USB and mains has never been achieved before in such a compact offering. Cubert has impressive light coverage aided by a head that tilts and rotates, and because Cubert is easy to position, the user can focus the light to their individual preference.

Cubert incorporates a high efficiency, long life LED with a lifespan of 50,000+ hours. Cubert provides a charging facility featuring two mains sockets and two smart USB power outlets for laptops, tablets, mobile phones and more. The smart USBs recognise your principal device, meaning that if both ports are in use, the first device to be connected is given primary charging provision. Cubert comprises of an intricate high quality LED light with four touch-activated dimmer settings. Closely knit LEDs create cool white, glare-free lighting and ensure that there is an even distribution of illumination, casting a single shadow. 

Due to its ultra-compact footprint, Cubert has a minimal impact on surface space and allows users to easily position their lighting and power source rather than being reliant on fixed furniture or ambient lighting. Cubert’s understated design allows it to fit seamlessly within office, hospitality retail and home environments. 

Technical Information

Light source:LED Cree XB-D
Light output:426 lumen, 4-stage dimmable
Light Watts:5W
Light efficacy:78lm/W
Colour temperature:4000K Cool White
Beam angle:115°
Head adjustments: Angled head 35°
Lifespan: 50,000+ hours
Head rotation 110°(55° either side of centre position)
Mains cable length: 1800mm


Height: 300 mm 
Width: 80 mm 
Depth: 80 mm


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5 Years

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