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Amble Personal Desk Lighting


Amble Personal Desk Lighting

Through ingenious design, Amble offers three lighting positions, all helping the user’s visual focus. At its tallest position, Amble provides ambient light that helps reduce eyestrain in everyday office environments. Ideal for tasks such as drafting and illustration, or reading oversized printed materials, Amble pivots nimbly to give an even, luminous glow.

When fashioned into its intermediate posture, Amble shines as a multi-purpose task light. Its large sphere of radiant light is perfect for general office tasks including computing, reading and writing.

Tilted to its lowest point, Amble provides concentrated light when needed, such as reading fine print or performing fine motor tasks. When precision is critical, Amble bends to meet your lighting needs

Technical Information

Ingenious single-piece design swivels, slides and tilts - with no articulating joints
High power, long life LED light source
Powersave’ auto-off after 10 hours of inactivity
Available in white


Height: 442 mm 
Width: 221 mm 
Depth: 84 mm


5 days


5 Years

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