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Diary of an Office Furniture Salesman - Part 2 - The Invisible Project

Long Good Friday

After the recent blog where I mused about the strange goings on when selling Office Furniture comes my second tale. The majority of people and companies I have dealt with in my 18 years in this game have been perfectly sane and a pleasure to work for/with.

A few years back I was involved in a lead generation service run by a great guy from Devon. My first lead was for a potential project in London. All standard and via email an appointment was made and the address provided. I must admit that it was not in the normal West End/City area that I would go to but nonetheless an opportunity to be looked at.

Things started to feel a bit odd as when on the tube we went from underground to overground and as some of the stations passed me by - let’s say the people waiting for trains looked very un-business like!

Finally, after what seemed like hours I arrived and called the mobile I had been given and a chap answered and said he was in a Range Rover outside the tube. Seeing the Range Rover I jumped in and the man said nothing but as we sped away he carried on watching TV on the screen in the car (normally disabled when you drive!). I started to think more Long Good Friday/Lock Stock than Wall Street at this point.

Arriving at the building (on double red lines) another man met me and we entered what I can describe as a building site/described as a bomb site. No front door just a piece of fly wedged against the doorway. Inside the chap told me of his world domination plans (I must admit I was wondering if we had actually broken into this building). I attempted to measure up which is difficult when most of the floor, ceiling and walls are not even there.
Finally, I was able to escape and avoiding a lift to the tube I pretty much ran back to the tube whilst wondering why signs that said 'DO NOT USE YOUR MOBILE PHONE IN THIS AREA'.

Being the Pro that I am we drew the plan up and quoted the job and emailed it over. Nothing. Called three of four times, nothing. One month later I called again, the chap answered as if I had woken him up (1pm in the afternoon). Trying to remind him of our meeting and the building he seemed more than vague. 'Are you so and so' I asked, 'Yes' he replied 'Well surely you remember myself, the meeting, the building etc.’ Emphatically he replied 'No, I have never heard of you, met you or been to that address'. Spooky I thought and closed the quotation.

The moral of this story, well there isn't one really and all that is left to say is that I think you agree that we will look at any potential project, large or small, (not quite wherever it is!).

Thanks for reading,

Ruth Eldridge

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