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Five Methods to Improve Productivity at Work

Everyone wants to be more productive in all aspects of their life, whether it be at work or at home but is it really that straight forward? Do people really set a target for themselves and follow a strict plan to obtain their goals? Simply put, no, just no. Well, that goes for me anyway but is there a way to reduce the distractions and complications with sitting down and just getting stuff done?

A recent post over at has set out five simple to follow exercises which help reduce the negative tension towards work,  and help promote a positive attitude through movement and exercise. Simple exercise has been shown to increase brain activity [source] and here's how.

  1. Set the Workstation up Correctly
There's no doubt that if you're in a place where you don't want to be then you'll be less productive. If the area is dirty, unorganized and a general mess then why would you want to be there. The first step in being more productive is setting you work environment up correctly. File that paper, toss the old banana skins and get comfortable. Wrist rests [link] and footstools [link] are perfect to get you comfortable at work and ensure that any unnecessary stress isn't placed on your body. Posturerite has a great guide on how to set up the screen to fit your needs [source]
  1. Take Regular Breaks
Prolonged sitting has never, and will never, be good for the body. Get up, get moving and get around while at work! Don't send an email to the person next door or avoid taking the stairs, these are great ways to get those legs moving and the blood flowing without diverting away from work.
  1. "Lift with your knees!"
    Yes, everyone's heard it but it doesn't mean that the advice should be ignored. Breakingmuscle has a great post on why we should lift our legs and not with our backs [source].
    1. 21st Century Laptop Clubs
    Laptops are a great way to keep agile while at work. Light and portable you can move around the office with ease and set up work wherever suits you, however, what could this be doing to your posture? Typically, CPU monitors are raised above the desk and sit level with your eyes but place a laptop on the desk and you're immediately looking down. This creates a hunched back, gurning away at the screen in a posture Quasimodo would be proud of. Simple laptop stands [link] or a monitor riser [link] rectify this problem by setting you up with a screen looking up!
    1. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

     A side effect of the prolonged lack of movement, carpal tunnel syndrome is a tingling sensation through the fingers and hands caused by a compression in one of the nerves which controls movement of the hand. The NHS has a page [source] about the effects of CTS and how to prevent it.

     These simple tips will go a long way to providing you with more comfort at work and boosting your productivity. Please see the following links:

    NHS 'Boost your health at work'

    Huify Ergonomics: The Science Of Work And It's Influence on Performance

    Tim Scott

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